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It is my pleasure to offer this archives of downloadable resources for German teachers and Learners around the world.  While many of these resources are of my own creation, others represent the work of German teachers and students from around the globe gathered together here to promote the learning of German and as a resource for instructors and students.

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Why learn German?

Glasperlenspiel - freundschaft


Twilight Worksheet

German Cover Versions of English Songs

Was ist das?

Wheel of fortune starter phrases

Crazy travel options

Describing TV shows in German

German Loan words in English

Saetze bilden

Britneys Traum

Wohnst du gern hier?

feedback labels

Verhaltnisse in der Familie

zu hause

Arbeit Wortschatz

Sentences with aber

Europameisterschaft 2012

von welchem Film ist das

Partner Work

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Partner Communication Work

Partner Conversation Work

Interview Fragen

Phrases to describe a picture in German


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Describing the living room Exercise

German Prepositions Summary

9 Accusative/Dative Prepositions

dative and accusative Preps

Genetive Case

Horizontal Divider 7

Genetive Case Practice


Genetive Test


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Adverbs of place and direction

Adverbs of place

German Adverbs

School Subjects

Horizontal Divider 7

Schreib dein Stundenplan

school subjects vocab

Holiday Vocabulary Themes

Horizontal Divider 7

christmas Vocab Review

Thanksgiving Vocab

Halloween Wortschatz

Valentines Day Vocabulary

Valentines Vocab Expanded

Valentines Day word search

Valentines Day Crossword

Valentines Day Expressions

Weihnachten Wortschatz

Das Auto

Horizontal Divider 7

das Auto

Das Auto Vocab Work

Internet Activities

Horizontal Divider 7

Internet Vocabulary

Kochen Wortschatz

Horizontal Divider 7

Practice Quiz Kochen Wortschatz

Sample Rezepte

Kochen Wortschatz

Cooking Conversion Table

Kochen Kreuzwort

Kochen Wortschatz Matching

die Persönlichkeit

Horizontal Divider 7

die Persoenlichkeit Wortschatz

Conversational Practice Activities

Horizontal Divider 7

Telefon Konversation # 1

Telefon Konversation #2

Konversation 4 im Restaurant

Konversation 3 (das Auto)

Adjective Endings

Horizontal Divider 7

Adjective Endings in the Accusative and Nominative

adjective story creator

still more adjective endings

Adjective Ending Explanation

Adjective Endings Practice Quiz

Explanation Adjective Endings

final adjective test

adjective endings

More adjective endings


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Conjunction Practice Quiz

Coordinating Conjunctions

more work with coordinating conjunctions

Deutsch II conjunction test

Conjunction mania

Deutsch II conjunction practice test

conjunction practice

Srong Verb Vocab Part I

Horizontal Divider 7

More Work with Strong Verbs Part I

Strong Verb Review Part I

Strong Verbs Vocab Part I

Starke Verben Part I wortsuche

Strong Verb Matching Part I

Strong Verbs Part I Flashcards

Strong Verb Matching Part I Past Participles


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Deutsch II 1st Semester Study Guide

Personal Pronouns and Cases

Case Practice Revisited

Pronouns in different cases

Guided Writing - Klassenarbeit # 1

Die Lorelei Klassenarbeit

Im Nebel - Herman Hesse

die lorelei

Dining in Germany

Erlkonig by Goethe

describing people adjectives

Conversational Vocab # 1 (describing Friends)

Conversation # 1

Was ist Falsch?

ich will etwas von dir lernen

der Struwwelpeter "Feuerzeug"

der Struwwelpeter "die Geschichte von wilden Jager"

Diagram of German School System

Writing Assignment

Beschreib deine Freunde wordsearch

Determiners of Quantity

wuerden explained

Review Sheets (Deutsch I)

Horizontal Divider 7

Review of 1st Year # 1

Review of 1st Year # 2

Review of 1st Year # 3

Review of 1st Year # 4

Review of 1st Year # 5

Review of 1st Year # 6

Review of 1st Year # 7

Review of 1st Year # 8

Review of 1st Year # 9

Review of 1st Year # 10

1st year review


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Porsche History Powerpoint

Car Race Vocabulary Template ppt

Box Vocabulary Template ppt

Big Wheel Vocabulary Template ppt

Big Board Vocabulary Template ppt

Stars Vocab Practice Template ppt

Wo, wohin or nach?

Price is right powerpoint template

Deutsch I Jeopardy

past tense explained

Prepositions explained

Family feud powerpoint template

Pyramid powerpoint template

Jeopardy Powerpoint template

5th grader powerpoint template

Miscellaneous Grammar Themes

Horizontal Divider 7

personal pronouns

Aussprache Ubung # 1

German One adjective practice

Da and Wo Compounds

Horizontal Divider 7

More practice with wo & da compounds

Practicework with Wo & Da compounds

introducing wo and da compounds

da and wo compounds

A further explanation of wo & da compounds

Wo & Da Compounds Wordsearch

Wo & Da Compounds crossword


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Work with Prepositions and Plurals

Fill in the blanks All Prepositions Review

Prepositions Review

Practice Quiz all Prepositions

Kreuzwort Pronouns and Preps

Accusative and Dative Preps

work with prepositions

Preposition Review

Nominative Case

Horizontal Divider 7

The Nominative Case

Nominative Adjective endings

Dative Case

Horizontal Divider 7

dative case powerpoint

The Dative Case

Working with dative pronouns

Dative Case Practice

Accusative Case

Horizontal Divider 7

The accusative Case

Accusative Explanation Sheet

Explanation of the Accusative

Accusative adjective endings


Horizontal Divider 7

Conjunctions Coordinating / Subordinating

Past Participles & dass + weil

Working with Weil and Dass

More work with dass and weil

dass oder weil explanation

More Practice with dass and weil

Modal Verbs

Horizontal Divider 7

past tense modal verbs practice

More practice with Modal verbs

complete modal verb practice

Modal verbs

quiz modal verbs

kennen oder wissen?

Horizontal Divider 7

kennen and wissen

work with kennen/wissen/werden


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Welches Tier ist es?

die Tiere powerpoint Flashcards

Tiere Wortschatz

Rate mal...welches Tier ist es?

Wie beschreiben Sie die Tiere?

Matching practice Quiz - die Tiere

Vocab Work die Tiere

Tiere Matching

Wortsuche die Tiere

Positive and Negative Characteristics

Horizontal Divider 7

Practice for Quiz over Adjectives

positive und negative Eigenschaften

Eigenschaften Crossword

Eigenschaften Word search

more work with adjectives

German One adjective vocab

adjective vocab practice

adjective vocab matching

adjective crossword

Die Stadt

Horizontal Divider 7

die Stadt Wortschatz

Stadt Matching

Crossword die Stadt

Descriptions of City places

die Stadt Cryptogram


Wo ich wohne words

In meiner Stadt gibt es ppt


Das Haus

Horizontal Divider 7

Matching test vocab Haus

das Haus Wortschatz

das Haus vocab puzzle

Wie ist dein Zimmer

German Housing Vocabulary

Das Wetter

Horizontal Divider 7

Weather Terms

Weather word search

Matching Weather Terms

Elluminate Assignments Library

Horizontal Divider 7

Elluminate # 2 Assignment

Elluminate 3 Assignment

Elluminate 4

Elluminate # 5 Assignment

elluminate Assignment # 6

Elluminate # 7

Elluminate # 8 Possessive Pronouns

Die Faecher

Horizontal Divider 7

School Subjects Vocabulary

Writing Assignments

Horizontal Divider 7

Freiheit Aufgabe - Anweisungen (Instructions)

Transition Words and phrases

Essay and Argument Phrases

Introductory Writing Phrases


Expressing opinions and fillers

Writing Checklist

Pflanzen usw...

Horizontal Divider 7

Lab Aufgabe - Pflanzen und Blumen beschreiben

Wie kann man eine Pflanze beschrieben?


Horizontal Divider 7

Musical Instruments Vocabulary

Practice Quiz on the Instruments

die Instrumente Crossword

die Instrumente wordsearch

Gedichte (poems)

Horizontal Divider 7

Pfeife des Windes - Goethe

Hab Sonne im Herzen - Flaischlen

Bewaffneter Friede - Wilhelm Busch

Bewaffneter Friede - Wilhelm Busch (Video)

Gefunden ppt

Gefunden - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (Video)

Im Nebel - video

Im Nebel - Hermann Hesse ppt

Erlkonig crossword

Erlkonig Vocabulary


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Verkehrsmittel Quiz

Time Expressions

Horizontal Divider 7

Time Expressions Vocab

Time Expressions


Horizontal Divider 7

Gegenteile Powerpoint

Gegenteile Wortschatz # 1

Vocab Work with Gegenteile

die Gegenteil part I

Gegenteile word search

die Gegenteile Crossword

Infinitive Phrases

Horizontal Divider 7

Explanation of Infinitive Phrases - From Nancy Thuleen

Infinitives Practice Quiz

Infinitive Phrases work II

Infinitive Phrases work

Infinitive quiz

Modal Verbs Expanded

Horizontal Divider 7

past tense of modal verbs work

Modal verbs revisited

past tense of the modal verbs sollen,durfen,mogen + wo/da compounds

modal verbs past tense


Horizontal Divider 7

Reflexive Pronoun Introduction

explaining the reflexive in German

group work with reflexive

reflexive pronoun test

Reflexive Introduction

Relative Pronouns

Horizontal Divider 7

Relative Pronouns work II

Relative Pronouns Study Guide

Relative Pronouns Explained

Relative pronouns intro

Relative Pronoun Test


Horizontal Divider 7

Verkehrsmittel Powerpoint

Reflexive Explanation Powerpoint

Relative pronouns powerpoint

Wohin...preps an,auf & nach

Possessive Pronouns

Deutsch II Jeopardy

Jugendherberge Wortschatz

Im Restaurant essen

Auto Wortschatz

Adjective Endings

Describing how to get somewhere


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Prepositional Contractions

Miscellaneous Grammar Themes

Horizontal Divider 7

Case Practice for German II

case practice

pronoun case practice


Horizontal Divider 7

describing my classroom project

clothing skit

dich selbst beschreiben

rubric for Powerpoint

Word Order

Horizontal Divider 7

Word Order

Word Order practice

word patterns


Horizontal Divider 7

Tenses Review Work

Identifying Tenses active voice

identifying tenses

Tenses work expanded

Tenses Test

Passive Voice / werden

Horizontal Divider 7

The many faces of werden

werden - used as become

The formation of the passive voice

Recognizing the faces of werden


Horizontal Divider 7

alphabet pronunciation

1st Semester Study Guide German One

Student Information Form

Deutsch I Key Terms (weeks 1 & 2)

German names for boys

German names for girls

German Punctuation part I

Lesen & Sprechen Ubung # 1

Lesen & Sprechen Ubung # 2

Was ist falsch? bonus sheet # 1

Outline Map of Germany

Dining in Germany

pledge of allegiance in German

Halloween Gedichte


Student of the Month Certificate

Expressions for German Class

Mein Wappen Project

kein / nicht

Horizontal Divider 7

kein oder nicht

Word Order

Horizontal Divider 7

Basics of word order

word order basics

Time Expressions

Horizontal Divider 7

Telling Time videos

Telling Time Game

Telling Time


Horizontal Divider 7

Internet work with this website

Gesucht Project

Powerpoint Presentation On Yourself in German

Describing Your Family

Create your own verb project

Alles uber mich

understanding the foreign exchange rate

Meine Speisekarte Projekt

Die Einladung Project

Writing about the family

Ich stelle Jemanden vor

Ich stelle mich vor

Company Project

German Current Events Assignment

Identification Assignment

Extra German Grammar Helps

Musik in Deutschland

Alltagsroutine und Haus Labarbeit

German Cases

Horizontal Divider 7

Cases German One

German One cases explanation

Gender of German Nouns

Horizontal Divider 7

German noun Gender practice

Determining Gender in German nouns

identifying gender practice

More gender indentification work

Gender Ordering Ex.

identifying gender practice


Horizontal Divider 7

Guidelines for making Plurals

Prepositions and Plurals Work

Plurals practice

Deutsch I plural challenge

Conversational Past / Present Perfect

Horizontal Divider 7

Introduction to the conversational past

More work with the conversational past

Past Participle Practice Quiz

Past Participle Review

Conversational Past expanded explanation

Write the correct past participle practice

Deutsch I haben&sein pract quiz

Helping Verb haben or sein?

helping verb haben or sein II?

die Körperteile

Horizontal Divider 7

die Koerperteile Wortschatz

Body Parts Poster

Koerperteile Matching

Various Vocabulary Themes

Horizontal Divider 7

practice vocab quiz breakfast

school subjects

Common units of measure

Breakfast Vocabulary

Kleidung Vocab

breakfast vocabulary

Feelings vocab

Basic Commands in German

Einkaufen Wortschatz

Horizontal Divider 7

einkaufen Practice Quiz

Matching Einkaufen Vocab

einkaufen Conversation # 1

einkaufen Vocab

einkaufen wordsearch

einkaufen crossword

Einkaufen Vocab Review

Die Landschaft

Horizontal Divider 7

die Landschaft powerpoint Flashcards

die Landschaft Wortschatz (vocab list)

die Landschaft Wortsuche

Landschaft Wortschatz Matching

Vocab Review die Landschaft

das Klassenzimmer

Horizontal Divider 7

Klassenzimmer Practice Quiz

Klassenzimmer Vocab expanded

Klassenzimmer Vocab Work

das Klassenzimmer Wortschatz

Klassenzimmer Wortschatz

die Familie

Horizontal Divider 7

Practice Quiz - die Familie

die Familie Wortschatz

Ich stelle meine Familie vor

Lab Assignments

Horizontal Divider 7

Practice with the Superlative and Comparative in German

Im Restaurant Powerpoint Lab

haetten practice activity

die Verabredung Aufgabe

Asking someone out

Making excuses

Making Plans

Du bist der Lehrer

Practice with tenses

Wetter Projekt

List of Castles in Germany

Schloss Projekt

Lab Arbeit - Beschreib das Essen

die Landschaft Lab assignment

die Landschaften Vocab

Lab Arbeit - die Stadt

Stadt Beschreibung Beispiel - Herr Wallace

Vorteile und Nachteile

die Stadt Vocabulary

German One Project - Famous Germans

Mode Katalog Projekt

Online Currency Converter

Was tragen sie?

How to describe what someone is wearing

Deutsch I 1st Semester Project

2. Dezember Tagebuch

Wie kann ich das Essen beschreiben

Wegweisung & Gedicht Projekt

Gedicht Projekt

Wegweisung Explanation ppt

Wegweisungen Key Terms Sheet

Konversation - Was machst du gern?

Was machst du in deiner Freizeit Labarbeit

die Freizeit Aktivitaeten Wortschatz

die Freizeit Writing Helps

Giving reasons why you like to do something

Aufsatz I Deutsch I

Mein Stundenplan Project

Partner Communication Work

Deutsch III Aufgabe

Phrases to describe a picture in German

Bild Beschreibung Aufgabe

der Weg Arbeitsblatt

Interview Fragen

Lesson Plans / Syllabi

Horizontal Divider 7

Lesson Plan for August 3rd + 4th week

German Two Lesson Plans 5th & 6th Weeks

Deutsch II Syllabus (1st Sem)

Zug in die Freiheit Aufgabe

Quia Vocabulary Practice Pages

Horizontal Divider 3

Book Quizzes

Horizontal Divider 7

Arme Anna Online Quiz

Petra reist nach Kalifornien

Question Words

Horizontal Divider 7

Question Words

Telling Time

Horizontal Divider 7

Time and numbers

Telling Time


Horizontal Divider 7


Forming Commands

Horizontal Divider 7

Forming Commands

Geographie von Deutschland

Horizontal Divider 7

Geography of Germany

Geography Questions

Relative Pronouns

Horizontal Divider 7

Relative Pronouns

More relative pronouns

das Wetter

Horizontal Divider 7


die Zahlen

Horizontal Divider 7

die Zahlen

Tage und Zahlen

Zahlen expanded

das Alphabet

Horizontal Divider 7

das Alphabet

Auf dem Bahnhof

Horizontal Divider 7

Auf dem Bahnhof

die Farben

Horizontal Divider 7

Rate die Farbe

die Farben

die Farben Matching

Rags to Riches

noch mehr Farben

die Formen

Horizontal Divider 7

die Formen

Body Parts

Horizontal Divider 7

Korperteile (body parts)

Classroom Objects

Horizontal Divider 7

das Klassenzimmer Wortschatz

Im Restaurant

das Essen Wortschatz

Das Auto Wortschatz

die Faelle Practice Quiz

die Kleidungen

Click here to practice House vocabulary

Das Haus Wortschatz

Strong Verbs Part I

Horizontal Divider 7

Strong Verb Part I Practice Quiz

More Strong Verb Part I Vocabulary Practice using Quia...click here

Strong Verbs Part I Hangman (Henkerspiel) Review

Starke Verben Teil I

Starke Verben Teil I Henkerspiel

Physikalische Eigenschaften und Personlichkeit Beschreibung

Horizontal Divider 7

Vocabulary Quia practice - die physikalische Beschreibung

Vocabulary Quiz Practice - die Persoenlichkeit

Strong Verbs Teil II

Horizontal Divider 7

Strong Verbs Part II Flashcards

Strong Verbs Part II hangman

Time Expressions

Horizontal Divider 7

Time Expressions # 1

Verb Conjugation

Horizontal Divider 7

conjugation of sollen

conjugation of moechten

Family Vocab

Horizontal Divider 7

die Familie Wortschatz



Food Vocab

Horizontal Divider 7

das Essen Wortschatz

Fruehstueck (Breakfast Vocab)


Horizontal Divider 7

Two Way Prepositions (Direction)

Two Way Prepositions (Location)

Two Way Prepositions

Practice with the Prepositions & their meanings


Challenge Game (prepositions,strong verbs,weak verbs,cases,pronouns)

Genitive prepositions

City Vocab

Horizontal Divider 7

die Stadt Wortschatz

in der Stadt - Rags to Riches

Auto & Verkehrsmittel

Horizontal Divider 7

Verkehrsmittel Wortschatz


Horizontal Divider 7

die Tiere Part I

das Haus

Horizontal Divider 7

das Haus Wortschatz

Pronouns & Prepositions

Horizontal Divider 7

Challenge Game (pronouns,cases,prepositions,strong and weak verbs)

Holiday Vocabulary

Horizontal Divider 7

Halloween Wortschatz


Horizontal Divider 7

die Kleidungen

Landschaft & Erdkunde

Horizontal Divider 7

die Landschaft

Musical Instruments

Horizontal Divider 7

Musical Instruments in German

die Instrumente henkerspiel


Horizontal Divider 7

einkaufen flashcards


Horizontal Divider 7

Eigenschaften (adjectives)

Eigenschaften henkerspiel

Present Tense Verb Review

Horizontal Divider 7

present tense verb review

haben & sein Conjugation

Horizontal Divider 7

haben und sein

sein und haben

Quiz over haben & sein

Conjugation of sein

Conjugation of haben

haben or sein

Practicing the past form of haben

Past Participles

Horizontal Divider 7

practice with past participles

more practice with past participles

German Past Participle Battleship


Horizontal Divider 7

Accusative Case Pronouns

Case System

Horizontal Divider 7

Determining Case Quiz

Additional activities over the dative case

die Faelle Practice Quiz

The Dative Case game

The Nominative and Accusative Case

The Nominative Case

The Accusative Case (Direct Object)

The Dative Case game

Modal Verben

Horizontal Divider 7

Quia Practice Test Modal Verbs

Modal Verb Battleship

werden & passive voice

Horizontal Divider 7

Practice with the verb werden

Practice activities over the passive voice

die Umwelt

Horizontal Divider 7

Practice Test - die Umwelt


Horizontal Divider 7

Auf der Bank - Practice Activities

Auf dem Bahnhof - Practice Vocabulary

Am Bahnhof - practice vocabulary

Practice with the verb werden

Practice activities over the passive voice

Keine Panik Wortschatz Uebung

Irregular Verben I

Adjective Endings Quiz

die Tiere Part I

Im Restaurant

das Essen Wortschatz

die Landschaft

Wo tut es weh Quiz?


Horizontal Divider 7

Berufe Wortschatz Uebungen

die Berufe Quiz

Listening Activities

Horizontal Divider 7

die Berliner Mauer - Slo German

Slo German - Tag der Deutschen Einheit

das Schulsystem

das Schulsystem - Fragen zu beantworten

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