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This is a list of Famous German painters and sculptors, please email me using the link below if you know of someone who should be added to this list.

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I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."  - Albert Einstein

High Museum of Art in Atlanta

Other Art Galleries in Atlanta

German Artists link

Famous German Painters  A-M

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Hans von Aachen (painter)

Josef Abel (painter)

Tomma Abts (painter)

Andreas Achenbach (painter)

Oswald Achenbach (painter)

Herbert Achternbusch (painter)

Jacob Acker (painter)

Franz Ackermann (painter)

Johann Adam Ackermann (painter)

Albrecht Adam (painter)

Benno Adam (painter)

Ernst Helbig

Eugen Adam (painter)

Franz Adam (painter)

Heinrich Adam (painter)

Salomon Adler (painter)

Christoph Ludwig Agricola (painter)

Max Emanuel Ainmiller (painter)

Josef Albers (painter)

Heinrich Aldegrever (painter)

Justus d'Alemanno (painter)

Christian Wilhelm Allers (painter)

Jakob Alt

Albrecht Altdorfer (painter)

Kai Althoff (painter)

Amalia Pachelbel (painter)

Christoph Amberger (painter)

Friedrich von Amerling

Ferdinand von Arnim (painter)

Georg Arnold-Grabone (painter)

Jean/Hans Arp (painter)

Cosmas Damian Asam (painter)

Isidor Ascheim (painter)

Frank Auerbach (painter)

Johannes Baargeld (painter)

Hans Baldung (painter)

Hans von Bartels (painter)

Georg Baselitz (painter)

Michael Bauer (painter)

Rudolf Bauer (painter)

Tilo Baumgartel (painter)

Johann Wolfgang Baumgartner (painter)

Max Beckmann (painter)

Karl Begas (painter)

Barthel Beham (painter)

Hans Sebald Beham (painter/engraver)

Johannes Beilharz (painter)

Hans Bellmer (painter)

Eduard Bendemann

Werner Berg

Johann Georg Bergmüller (painter)

Norbert Bisky (painter)

Carl Blechen (painter)

Fritz Bleyl (painter)

Benjamin Block (painter)

Josef Block (painter)

Jan Boeckhorst (painter)

Corbinian Boehm (painter/sculptor)

Friedrich von Boemches (painter)

Marianne Brandt (painter)

Louise Breslau (painter)

Jorg Breu the elder (painter)

Jorg Breu the younger (painter)

Carl Buchheister

Karl Albert Buehr (painter)

Hans Burgkmair (painter)

Wilhelm Busch (painter/poet)

Heinrich Campendonk (painter)

Wilhelm Camphausen (painter)

Asmus Jacob Carstens (painter)

Caspar Netscher (painter)

Daniel Chodowiecki (painter)

John Closterman (painter)

Lovis Corinth (painter)

Peter von Cornelius (painter)

Lucas Cranach the Elder (painter)

Lucas Cranach the Younger (painter)

Max Dauthendey (painter / poet)

Heinrich Davringhause (painter)

John Decker (painter)

Christophe Didillon (painter)

Albert Dies (painter)

Heinrich Diesbach (painter)

Christian Wilhelm Dietrich (painter)

Otto Dix (painter)

Werner Drewes (painter)

Benedikt Dreyer (painter / sculptor)

Eugen Ducker (painter)

Hans Durer (painter)

Albrecht Durer (painter / engraver)

Knut Ekwall (painter)

Marie ellenrieder (painter)

Adam Elsheimer (painter)

Edgar Ende (painter)

Max Ernst (painter)

Julius Exter (painter)

Lyonel Feiniger (painter)

conrad Felixmuller (painter)

Johann Michael Feuchtmayer the elder (painter)

Anselm Feuerbach (painter)

Albert Flamm (painter)

Georg Flegel (painter)

Phillip Foltz (painter)

Gunther Foerg (painter)

Otto Freundlich (painter)

Caspar David Friedrich (painter)

Karl Ludwig Frommel (painter)

Heinrich Fuger (painter)

Eduard von Gebhardt (painter)

Isa Genzken (painter)

Till Gerhard (painter)

Robert Gernhardt (painter)

Torben Giehler (painter)

Leo Gotz (painter)

Anton Graff (painter)

Walter Gramatte (painter)

Christian Griepenkerl (painter)

George Grosz (painter)

Matthias Grunewald (painter)

Matthäus Günther (painter)

Carl Haag (painter)

Milo Emil Halbheer (painter)

Christian Gottlob Hammer (painter)

Hans Hartung (painter)

Elias Gottlob Haussman (painter)

Erich Heckel (painter)

Thomas Helbig (painter)

Lothar Hempel (painter)

Wilhelm Hempfing (painter)

Hermann Hendrich (painter)

Wilhelm Hensel (painter)

Fritz Herlen (painter)

Eduard Hildebrandt (painter)

Theodor Hildebrandt (painter)

Berhard Hoetger (painter)

Carl Hofer (painter)

Hans Hofmann (painter)

Heinrich Hofmann (painter)

Ambrosius Holbein (painter)

Hans Holbein the Elder (painter)

Hans Holbein the Younger (painter)

Adolf Hölzel (painter)

Karl Hubbuch (painter)

Wolf Huber (painter)

Jokarl Huber (painter)

Julius Hübner (painter)

Otto Hupp (painter)

Jörg Immendorff (painter)

Franz Ittenbach (painter)

Stefan Jäger (painter)

Peter Janssen (painter)

Adolph Jentsch (painter)

Manfred W. Jurgens (painter)

Wilhelm von Kaulbach (painter)

Paul Klee (painter)

Gustav Klimt

Anselm Kiefer

Alfred Mahlau (painter)

Franz Marc (painter)

Christoph Meckel (painter)

Adolph Menzel (painter)

Dietmar Moews (painter)

Lisette Model (photographer)

Manfred Mohr (digital art)

Carl Moll (painter)

Koloman Moser(painter)

Georg Muehlberg (painter)

Famous German Painters N-Z

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Rolf Nesch (painter)

Eugen Napoleon Neureuther (painter)

Hermann Nitsch (painter)

Emil Nolde (painter)

Adolph Northen (painter)

Bernt Notke (painter)

Felix Nussbaum (painter)

Albert Oehlen (painter)

markus Oehlen (painter)

Adam Friedrich Oeser (painter)

Louis Oppenheim (painter)

Moritz Daniel Oppenheim (painter)

Wilhelm Ottermanns (painter)

Jurgen Ovens (painter)

Johann Friedrich Overbeck (painter)

Blinky Palermo (painter)

Jurgen Partenheimer (painter)

Christopher Paudiss (painter)

Max Pechstein (painter)

Werner Peiner (painter)

A.R. Penck (painter)

Georg Pencz (painter)

Franz Petter (painter)

August Xaver Karl Pettenkofen (painter)

Franz Pforr (painter)

Johann Georg Platzer

Sigmar Polke (painter)

Friedrich Preller (painter)

Heimrad Prem (painter)

Hans Purrmann (painter)

Anton Raderscheidt (painter)

Arnulf Rainer (painter)

Katharina Rapp (painter)

Neo Rauch

Hilla von Rebay (painter)

Willy Reetz (painter)

Joachim Reinhart (painter)

Winold Reiss (painter)

Moritz Retzsch (painter)

Adrian Richter (painter)

Daniel Richter (painter)

Gerhard Richter (painter)

William Frederic Ritschel (painter)

Hermen Rode (painter)

Christian Rohlfs (painter)

Anton Romako (painter)

Ludwig Rosenfelder (painter)

Hans Rottenhammer (painter)

Carl Rottmann (painter)

Christian Ruben (painter)

Christoph Ruckhaberle (painter)

Johann Moritz Regendas (painter)

Philipp Otto Runge (painter)

Karl Saltzmann (painter)

Joachim von Sandrart (painter)

Christian Schad (painter)

Friedrich Wilhelm Schadow (painter)

Georg Schafer (painter)

christoph Thomas Scheffler (painter)

Thomas Scheibitz (painter)

Franz Anton von Scheidel (painter)

Egon Schiele (painter)

Karl Friedrich Schinkel (architect / painter)

Friedrich Wilhelm Schirmer (painter)

Johann Wilhelm Schirmer (painter)

Oskar Schlemmer (painter)

Rudolf Schlichter (painter)

Eberhard Schlotter (painter)

Moritz Von Schwind

Karl Schmidt Rottluff (painter)

Ferdinand Schmutzer (painter)

Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld (painter)

Otto Scholderer (painter)

Georg Scholz (painter)

Martin Schongauer (painter)

Adolf Schreyer (painter)

Emil schult (painter / poet)

Katharina sophia Schultz (painter)

Bernard Schultze (painter)

Eva Schulze-Knabe (painter)

Carlos Schwabe (painter)

Hans maler zu Schwaz (painter)

Hans Leonhard Schaufelein (painter)

Adolf Seel (painter)

Hermann Sehrig (painter)

Jacob Seisenegger (painter)

Dirk Skreber (painter)

Max Slevogt (painter)

Karl Ferdinand Sohn (painter)

Franz Joseph Spiegler (painter)

Walter Spies (painter)

Carl Spitzweg (painter)

Joseph karl Stieler (painter)

Adalbert Stifter (painter)

Walter Stoehrer (painter)

Bernhard Strigel (painter)

Franz Stuck (painter)

Fritz Stuckenberg (painter)

Ludwig Thiersch (painter)

Hans Thoma (painter)

Johann Heinrich Tischbein (painter)

Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein (painter)

Ernst Toepfer (painter)

Paul Troger (painter)

Wilhelm Trubner (painter)

Fritz von Uhde (painter)

Lesser Ury (painter)

Philipp Veit (painter)

Heinrich Vogeler (painter)

Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart (painter)

F.K. Waechter (cartoonist)

Otto Wagner (architect)

Franz Edmund Weirotter (painter)

Anton von Werner (painter)

Franz Xaver Winterhalter (painter)

Hermann Winterhalter (painter)

Michael Wolgemut (painter)

Fritz Wotrube (painter)

Bartholomaus Zeitblom (painter)

wolfgang Zelmer (painter)

Januarius Zick (painter)

Johannes Zick (painter)

Adolf Ziegler (painter)

Hans Peter Zimmer (painter)

Johann Zoffany (painter)

Anton Zwengauer (painter)

Famous German Sculptors

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Theodore William Achtermann (sculptor)

Cosmos & Egid Asam (sculptors)

Ernst Barlach (sculptor)

Carl Bernard Bartels (sculptor)

Reinhold Begas (sculptor)

Rudolf Belling (sculptor)

Karl Blossfeldt (sculptor)

Hermann Blumenthal (sculptor)

Richard Bock (sculptor)

Corbinian Boehm (sculptor)

Marianne Brandt (sculptor)

Arno Breker (sculptor)

Johann Joseph Christian (sculptor)

Fritz Cremer (sculptor)

Johann Heinrich von Dannecker (sculptor)

Friedrich Drake (sculptor)

Benedikt Dreyer (sculptor)

Georg Franz Ebenhech (sculptor)

Franz Joseph Feuchtmayer (sculptor)

Franz Xaver Feuchtmayer (sculptor)

Johann Michael Feuchtmayer (sculptor)

Joseph Anton Feuchtmayer (sculptor)

Lothar Fischer (sculptor)

August Gaul (sculptor)

Nikolaus Geiger (sculptor)

Nikolaus Gerhaert (sculptor)

Erasmus Grasser (sculptor)

Arne Groh (sculptor)

Ignaz Guenther (sculptor)

Gabriela von Habsburg (sculptor)

Emanuel Hahn (sculptor)

Johann Halbig (sculptor)

Thomas Helbig (sculptor)

Heinz Henghes (sculptor)

Josef Henselmann (sculptor)

Ernst Gustav Herter (sculptor)

Bernhard Hoetger (sculptor)

Georg Ferdinand Howaldt (sculptor)

Friedensreich Hundertwasser (sculptor)

Ingeborg Hunzinger (sculptor)

Ernst Hahnel (sculptor)

Maria Hummel (sculptor)

Jorg Immendorff (sculptor)

Max Klinger (sculptor)

Imi Knoebel (sculptor)

Fritz Koenig (sculptor)

Georg Kolbe (sculptor)

Kathe Kollwitz (sculptor)

Adam Kraft (sculptor)

Norbert Kricke (sculptor)

Faust Lang (sculptor)

Wilhelm Lehmbruck (sculptor)

August Leimbach (sculptor)

Markus Lupertz (sculptor / painter)

Gerhard Marcks (sculptor)

Ewald Matare (sculptor)

Franz Metzner (sculptor)

Marlene Neubauer Woerner (sculptor)

Bernt Notke (sculptor)

Adam Friedrich Oeser (sculptor)

Michael Pacher

A. R. Penck - Ralph Winkler (sculptor)

Balthasar Permoser (sculptor)

Georg Petel (sculptor)

Ferdinand Preiss (sculptor)

Christian Daniel Rauch (sculptor)

Tilman Riemenschneider (sculptor)

Ernst Friedrich August Rietschel (sculptor)

Johann Gottfried Schadow(sculptor)

Oskar Schlemmer (sculptor)

Andreas Schluter (sculptor)

Thomas Schutte (sculptor)

Ludwig Michael Schwanthaler (sculptor)

Gerhard Skrobek (sculptor)

Veit Stoss (sculptor)

Johann Baptist Straub (sculptor)

Manfred Stumpf (sculptor)

Katharina Szelinski-Singer (sculptor)

Josef Thorak (sculptor)

Christian Friedrich Tieck (sculptor)

Louis Tuaillon (sculptor)

Gunther Uecker (sculptor)

Prince Victor of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (sculptor)

Wolf Vostell (sculptor)

Johann Peter Alexander Wagner (sculptor)

Frans Wildenhain (sculptor)

Kaspar von Zumbusch (sculptor)

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